Home Sweet Home

The expansion progress is coming along nicely. The construction crew has been bundled up, trying their best to get walls up before the holidays, and more importantly, before Old Man Winter arrives.


Walls are being framed, and it is easy to see that the project is quickly taking shape. The walls, though, will not be what holds the building together, nor will they be what makes it a home.


Home is an abstract concept. While it is often used interchangeably with “house,” home has a more personal meaning. Home is a feeling of safety, security and belonging. Home is a sense of peace. Home is not simply a shelter or collection of walls and rooms, but rather the people and the positivity that fill it. That is the difference with Ganton Senior Communities. Any company can come in and build a house for seniors, but not just any company can lay the groundwork to create a home for those which will inhabit it. With Christian principles, a longstanding family history and family ownership, Scott Ganton and his teams focus on God, as well as the people and the culture that will create a home, not solely the structure of the house itself.


Our house will have strong walls to shield us from storms, modern conveniences to improve our lives, and beautiful decor to enhance our wellbeing, yes. But the home we create will be up to that of our future residents, each one bringing their own story, their own character and their own reason for coming to Vineyard. Their lives will enrich our home with laughter, wisdom and faith. They will bless our halls with their spirits and with their prayers, creating a home devoted to God and the service to others.

For every house has a builder; but the builder of all things is God. - Hebrews 3:4

December 16, 2020
December 16, 2020