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Executive Chef

Posted 3 weeks ago

Job Description:

Vineyard Assisted Living, in Texas Corners, provides dedication to quality and exceptional customer service during each dining experience for our residents. Are you looking to join a well-established team and provide strong leadership and ensure food quality, presentation and customer service exceed expectations? We would love to hear how you can provide a positive impact regarding culinary and supervisory skills in our kitchens.


This position works under the supervision of the Campus Administrator and manages hospitality department employees in preparing and serving meals. He/she is responsible for sanitation and housekeeping of the hospitality department areas (kitchen, storage, and dining area). He/she will assist in maintaining and improving standards of food preparation and service and will be responsible for purchasing food and supplies. He/she will be responsible for cooking several times a week and for special events and occasions. This is a full time position.


Cooks several times a week
Assists in selection process for new hospitality department employees.
Evaluates all employees according to establish policy.
Prepares staff schedules for work, holidays, weekends and vacations.
Approves over-time and any schedule changes.
Supervises infection control procedures during food preparation, food storage and serving. Is responsible for the adherence to all sanitary regulation governing handling, preparation and service of food.
Prepares the cleaning schedule and supervises the housekeeping procedure in the kitchen and dining areas.
Presents annual in-service classes on cooking, infection control, safety and tenant confidentiality.
Plans and creates creative, delicious menus according to established patterns and with consideration for special diets.
Purchases food supplies, receives deliveries (may delegate to another) and checks receipts against orders.
Maintains or improves standards of food preparation, service and dish washing.
Assists in the standardization of recipes, supervises the use of standardized recipes creates a file of recipes.
Inventories, annually, all food products and non-food supplies.
Reviews invoices and turns in to office.
Responsible for turn of stock in freezer, dry storage and refrigerators.
Prepares monthly food report to maintain food costs.
May be required to work in an emergency situation or back up absent staff. Will be required to be available in case of a natural disaster.


Candidates must have a passion and understanding for working with the elderly.
Experience in supervising and managing employees.
Have the ability to maintain and manage special diets for an elderly population.
Culinary degree or degree in Food Service Management desired.
Work experience in a position with similar responsibilities, including supervision of others is most desirable.
Have knowledge of the work to be performed.
Be able to give written and oral instructions clearly.
Ability to interact effectively with staff, other departments and residents.
Ability to operate an efficient hospitality department, including cost effective procedures, maintenance of equipment, safety, staff schedules, staff morale, etc.
Ability to take initiative and apply judgment in assigning tasks, delegating responsibility, resolving operational problems and staff problems.
Knowledge of nutrition to assure well balanced, appealing meals with minimal loss of nutritional content.
Knowledge of good body mechanics.
Employees working under this job description will be required to be sedentary and active, able to bend, stoop, turn, stretch, stand for long periods, and may need to perform some heavy lifting. Assistive devices to prevent injury will be available, if required.

Job Type: Full-time

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