Organizing Your Finances

Have you been avoiding all those bank statements?  Do you know where your Dad’s pension comes from?  Are you overwhelmed with understanding it all?  This program is for you!


Do you know where your money is?  If you answered your bank, you are only a little bit right.  


Here is a  four step process to start you on the right path.  You will need: pad of paper, three ring binder, tabs, pen or pencil and statements (described below)   


Step 1: List of Finances.  Make a list of where all your finances are.  Your bank (or banks), anywhere you receive money should be on this list – social security? Money from an inheritance? Lottery winnings?  Anywhere you receive money should be on the list.  


Then, make a list of all the jobs you have worked even if you didn’t think they have a retirement plan.  I once found over $15,000 for a nurse who had changed jobs frequently just by doing this.  Where your 401k is located (website?).


Step 2: Gather your resources.  We are talking about statements – the paper you get each month or online, quarter or annually.  This might be easy as you may have a dusty pile of unopened statements. You will need the most recent statement you have for now, a bonus if you have the end of year statement for last year.  Going forward, I always save the last month’s statements and the end of year statement.  


If you do everything online, you can print off your last month’s statement and/or your last annual statement.  Perhaps, you will go online and it might take some time gaining access – updating passwords and such.  Do it!  Your future is calling, take time for YOU and do it now!     


Step 3:  Organize those statements Put like statements together, for example, your 401k, put all those statements in one pile, you bank in another.  Information on CDs in another pile etc.  Once they are in piles, use tabs and put them in the binder, one of each “kind” of statement behind a tab.  


Step 4:  Now what? Start thinking about what you want to do in retirement; where you want to live.  Then schedule a meeting with a financial advisor.   Make sure it’s someone you are comfortable talking with (even about that debt you might have).  If you don’t have an advisor, I would love to talk. Visit my website by clicking here to schedule an appointment.


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