Maintaining Identity in Aging

Transitions in life are difficult, no matter how old you are. Older adults, however, tend to struggle with their sense of identity as they age. The structure of the older person’s life is often reformatted many times over as they move through life. Without the identity of parenthood or being a member of the workforce, older adults must go through the stressful process of creating a new identity.


It is important that older adults find ways to stay active and stay relevant in order to remain physically and cognitively healthy. Though some tasks may require adapting, it is important that older adults remain as independent and as true to themselves as possible. Think of things that your loved one liked to do when they were younger, and find ways to modify them so that they can still be enjoyed. Did your mom like volunteering at the animal shelter? Perhaps she can still go walk small dogs one day a week. Did she belong to a book club but can no longer make it to meetings? Find things to read and enjoy together! The possibilities for keeping older adults active are just as unique as they are, if you are willing to meet them where they are.


In Assisted Living, older persons are afforded ability to remain as independent and as unique as possible, while living in a safe and caring environment. At Vineyard, we strive to make this season of life the best season for our residents. Care staff and community managers will strive to get to know your loved one, in order to provide them with stimulating activities that complement the life they lived before moving in with us. We don’t focus on what our residents can’t do, but rather, what they can do. Whether it's having a steak dinner grilled by our owner, going on a scenic drive by their old homestead and sharing their stories, or even leading a Bible Study or art class for other residents, our residents are always encouraged to be the same person they were before moving here- we just make sure they stay safe doing it.