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Positivity is Strength

This is much different than posts that we have made in the past, and that is because times are much different than they used to be. It is no surprise that COVID-19 has had it’s effects on our community. At Vineyard Assisted Living, we have come to find that having a positive attitude, wins the battle. 


Stress Less This Holiday Season: Five Key Tips

Many of us look forward to the holiday season each year as it brings a sense of warmth and celebration that we do not typically have any other time of year. Visiting with family, friends, holiday parties and gifting--it all can make for a big to-do list. Having said that, it is no surprise that the holidays can turn into quite a stressful time for some of us.


Medicare Covers It All--Even Assisted Living?

One of the most common misconceptions about medical insurance is that it covers and pays for assisted living. Check this article out to learn about what is covered under Medicare and what isn't. Don't fret either, there are resources worth considering when exploring long-term care!


A Spark of Creativity

Creativity is so important for mind, body, and spirit--especially among older adults. We're helping our residents find "A Spark of Creativity" for National Assisted Living Week. Learn about the life-enrichment programs at Vineyard Assisted Living that help residents explore their creative side!


A Vibrant Social Life, Equals a Healthy Life!

All throughout life we are developing social skills and forging relationships with those around us. We develop deep bonds with family, and we also have those chosen friends that feel like family!


Seniors and Hunger

Seniors can have food and still be considered "food insecure". Did you know that one in six seniors faces hunger or lack of proper nourishment? There are many factors that contribute to food insecurity among our aging population. Find out what the indicators are and how we as a community can help those around us.