A Spark of Creativity...

Each year since 1995, assisted living communities across America celebrate National Assisted Living Week--and we at Vineyard are no different! The National Center for Assisted Living established the second week of September, each year, to commemorate community connectedness and the celebration of residents through family and resident centered events, activities, and gatherings. Every September, communities like ours pull together and highlight to the public how life in a long-term care setting can--and should be, vibrant!


The theme for this year’s celebration is “A Spark of Creativity.” This theme hopes to inspire assisted living residents to explore their creative side whether through the arts or beyond. Creative outlets through art, music, and craft offer many benefits to older adults. Little do we realize it, but these types of pastimes improve cognitive and sensory-motor functions, they foster self-esteem and self-awareness, and they cultivate emotional resilience in our aging population. Not to mention, these pastimes in a group setting help individuals enhance their social skills, and also reduces and resolves conflict and distress.


It is important for residents and older adults to find a creative outlet—it can be instrumental to mind, body, and spirit. 2019’s National Assisted Living Week also emphasizes the role we as caregivers play to help residents find that spark, so they can live life to its fullest.



We have no shortage of plans for this year’s week-long celebration! Check out the week’s lineup of events and come get involved. We invite the community to get creative and also to gather with us.


Sunday, September 8th: National Grandparent Day & Life Expressions Sign Creation - 3:00 pm


Monday, September 9th: Sunshine Day & Sunshine Wreath Making—Wear yellow to commemorate the day!


Tuesday, September 10th: National Suicide Prevention Day, Frozen T-shirt resident and staff contests—wear teal and purple to commemorate the day!


Wednesday, September 11th: A tribute to 9/11—wear red, white, and blue. Flag Art Afternoon


Thursday, September 12th: Water Day! —Water fights with Gift of Grace Montessori School


Friday, September 13th: Resident, Family and Staff Cookout - 12:00 pm


For more information on National Assisted Living Week at Vineyard, contact us at (269) 775-0001. Also, check out Vineyard Assisted Living on Facebook! @vineyardassistedliving