Positivity is Strength

This is much different than posts that we have made in the past, and that is because times are much different than they used to be. 


It is no surprise that COVID-19 has had its effects on our community. At Vineyard Assisted Living, we have come to find that having a positive attitude, wins the battle. 


It has been nearly three months since our residents have been able to visit with family and loved ones, in-person, inside of our community’s walls. We had to cancel countless gatherings, table family meetings and put much of our events on hold for the remainder of the year. Additionally, we all know as Michiganders--being cooped up from March to May, is much like being cooped up in the winter. The weather is just now beginning to be consistent enough to allow outdoor, socially distant visits.


I am amazed day-in, and day-out, the lengths our staff has gone to, to keep our residents’ spirits high. Socialization is one of the largest determinants of health as we age, and that is one of the largest draws families and residents have to our community. However, living in this new era of COVID-19, where social distancing is a must, has been a harbinger of change, calling our team to get more creative in helping along with social connections. 


Our care team has helped residents make virtual calls to their families, stepped in for conversations of moral support when they have moments of doubt, and provided virtual connections to health services. All staff know, when a new resident joins our community, we have let them know they are part of our Ganton family--it has been in these past months that families and residents have come to find that is nothing but the truth. 


We have also had an over pouring of kindness from our families-- turning out for drive-by parades, making time to visit through windows, and chalking messages on our walkway to lift the spirits of their loved ones. We know how badly families want to come to visit their loved ones, but they too have persevered through this with us. The health and safety of our residents in our community is our top priority and the support from our families has been something that we have a lot of admiration and gratitude for. 


While these times of isolation are not yet past us, they too will pass eventually. The things we have come to focus on is finding the silver linings, remaining positive and upbeat, and having a deep appreciation for the small things in life. Perhaps it has been through these times that we have found a deeper appreciation for the simpler things in life. COVID-19 has certainly given many of us pause on ways that we used to conduct our daily lives. Moving forward we challenge you to remain positive! Find happiness in the little things and rest assured that this will pass and we will come back stronger than ever as a community.