Stress Less This Holiday Season: Five Key Tips

Many of us look forward to the holiday season each year as it brings a sense of warmth and celebration that we do not typically have any other time of year. Visiting with family, friends, holiday parties and gifting--it all can make for a big to-do list. Having said that, it is no surprise that the holidays can turn into quite a stressful time for some of us.


Here are five tips on how to make the best of the holidays and stress a little less.


1. “Do less, enjoy more.”

Many of us try way too hard to please all of those around us. Make yourself and your
family a priority and need not try to please all. As for the shopping, mailing out holiday
cards, and attending holiday parties--that all too can be overwhelming. Make sure to
think hard about what will make or break your holiday season. Try picking a few things on the list of to-do’s to accomplish but rest easy and don’t try to take it all on. Doing less will help you revel in what you do choose to do--let go of the other stuff!


2. Which leads to our second piece of advice: “Prioritize.”

Again, there are always going to be a host of parties and events that you are invited to attend during the holiday season. Think about what parties are going to be the most memorable and choose to spend time at the gatherings with those that you have a genuine connection with. No sense in going to a party with a bunch of others that you don’t get along with. Also think about family--I know, I know, every family is different and many of us have families with dynamics. For some of us, as we age, we should think about how many quality moments we have with one another and maybe this year is the year “uncle joe” will turn over a new leaf. You never know. Be kind to yourself and to
your family.


3. “Laugh”

As the holidays ramp up and we all get running from this to that it can be easy to forget to stop and have a good, genuine laugh. When gathering for the holidays be sure to lug with that favorite family board game, or those old photo albums to create a little fun whimsy when all are around. Often times this reminiscing can lead to the re- telling of many fun stories that will surely bring about a smile from ear to ear. Before you go to your next family gathering think about one of those funny moments, find a funny picture, and plan to share it. You may create a laugh for someone that really needed it.


4. “Forget perfection.”

Is there ever such a thing as perfect? We live in a world where the pinterest fairies come and decorate every doorstep to magazine perfection, no tree has a burnt out light, and Christmas dinner looks like Martha Stewart made it herself. That is just not reality--and it is okay! While we all may stress over everything going as planned, looking as planned and tasting as planned--it will not all go that way. Let go of everything being perfect and appreciate how things really are during the holidays. Over-stressing about perfection will take you away from time well spent connecting with your loved ones and friends. Leave the dishes, cater in part or the whole meal; Reconsider what you
think to be perfection.


5. “Go tech free.”

It is 2019 and we live in an era where our faces are buried in our
phones and our computers for hours on hours each day. Take a step back from those
techy devices, put them on silent, and challenge yourself to not obsess over what you could be missing. I guarantee a step away will feel like a little vacation and it will also help you remember what is most important this holiday season--the company you spend it with. If you really want to be bold, try embracing this and ask your dinner guests to silence and drop their phones at the door! Be a rebel this holiday season, follow these five tips, and learn how to conquer the holidays with less stress.